“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” ― Mother Teresa.

Parent-Teen Counselling

I specialise in working with parents and teenagers. The parent can be a foster-parent or relative in the parenting role. Much of my interest has been in parent-child attachment and relationships, and parent-teen communication. I often see teens in individual (one-to-one) counselling and can work with many of the common troubles and problems facing young people. Adolescence is often a time that causes anxiety and depression, with the development of their new body and role in society, and the loss of their younger child-self. In addition to this, adolescence finds many teens struggling due a rise in 'modern problems': social-media; increase in choice; online bullying; busier lives, and parent separation.

Whilst I focus on the adolescent’s well-being, I know how important parents (or key caregivers) are to them. Nobody knows their child the way a parent does, and nobody is more important to their welfare than they are. One of the ways in which I can work is to help parents and adolescents keep open, or build, channels of communication and their relationship. In order to effectively help teenagers, it is important that I help parents too, and so I ask parents to make every effort to work with me so that we can better understand what is going on and work as a team to help your child.

Adolescence is often a difficult time for parents too, as the young person begins to stretch boundaries whilst still needing, and legally requiring, parent influence. Whilst maintaining the connection between parents and adolescents, I aim to empower and enable the young person to grow and, at the same time, support the parent/carer to learn new skills. This means that, in addition to individual adolescent counselling, we can all work together sometimes.

If you would like to talk to me about adolescent counselling and/or parenting difficulties please get in touch.

“On meeting Frankie I knew I had made the right choice for my son, Frankie has a lovely, caring personality and this shines through… My son has been attending Frankie for nearly a year now and has grown in confidence and in his ability to deal with his anxiety.”

- Mother of 17 year old male client, Dublin.

“Being able to have someone I can trust to vent to about problems I’m having has helped me a lot.”

- 17 year old male client, Dublin.

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