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I have training in individual, child and adolescent, and couples counselling. I have experience of working with males and females across a wide range of ages, backgrounds and presenting problems.

Not everyone coming to counselling has to have a ‘big’ problem; you may wish to overcome smaller everyday challenges. You may decide after your first session that counselling is not right for you, or that you did not ‘click’ with me. This is why I have an intoductory fee. Even after this, you are free to change at any point, and there is no obligation for you to continue to attend.

My work is confidential, I protect my notes with client codes, and do not use information which could identify you, even when speaking with my supervisor. However, there are legal limits to my confidentiality. Situations which oblige me to break confidentiality are as follows:

  • If a child (including a client under the age of 18), or a vulnerable adult, is being, or has been, abused or neglected.
  • If I consider there is serious danger to my client harming themselves or another person.

Where confidentiality needs to be extended I may contact the client's doctor, next of kin, Tusla or the Gardai. Wherever possible this will be done with the client's knowledge and is aimed at ensuring my clients are cared for and safe, and thus I view it as an extension of my care.

Initially it is recommended to come for counselling every week but if things are going well some people choose to extended this to every other week, or when needed.

Counselling sessions are fifty minutes. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of us both, and also to give enough time to work through the issues bought that week.

The first session costs €30 as an introduction to each other and to counselling. My usual fee is €80. We can discuss this at the first session if need be. If you are concerned you may not be able to afford counselling please get in touch and I can provide further resources.

At the first session I check that I have your details. We will then form an agreement around how we will work together, what we can expect from each other, fees and confidentiality. I ask all my clients to fill out a short questionnaire to better understand how your difficulties and feelings are affecting you. This is optional and I can help if you have reading or writing difficulties. If you complete the questionnaire I then score this with you so you understand why we pay attention to these areas.

Lastly, I take a brief history, as well as details of what you would like help with. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions of me. Providing we both feel we can work together, we can start therapy the following week.

The initial session is not set in stone, for example, if we need less time on the agreement and more time for you to tell me your story we can do that.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this. However, we can work towards manageable goals that you hope to achieve in weeks or months. It is important to note that at the start of therapy, or after difficult sessions, you may experience an increase in your symptoms. This is common and can be worked through with me.

I am a qualified, accredited therapist and fully insured to practise within Ireland. My memberships is with IACP and my membership number is M10389.

If tyou are unhappy with how we have been working, or something that has been said or done, then the best person to speak to is me. If you cannot do this then you may ask to speak to my supervisor, or make an official complaint with my accrediting body.

The information I have about you is usually provided to me by you. Exceptions to this are when

  • You have been referred
  • Other people are involved in the counselling (parents/couple)
  • Other services are involved and have written to me

I am legally and ethically obliged to keep basic notes. It also aids me in remembering important aspects from our sessions and to track therapy progression.

Your information is private, within limits. I bring my work to supervision, without revealing any identities, and no one else has access to my notes or your contact details. You have the right to request your notes in writing (Freedom of Information Act, 2000). Notes can be court ordered and I can share your details with other professionals, only by your consent or where you, a vulnerable person, or a minor are deemed to be at risk.

I keep notes of broad themes discussed in the session, the interventions I used, how I observed you (anxious, happy etc.), plans made, and any outcome measures used. Furthermore, I record any contact between sessions, and worksheets or art work collected. In addition, I keep notes on your general practitioner, next of kin, medications and contact details in case of an emergency.

There is a legal requirement for me to keep notes of our work for a minimum of seven years after therapy ends. For minors, I keep your notes for seven years after you turn eighteen. You have no right to erasure upon termination of therapy.

It is stored electronically on a password protected computer that only I have access to. Any paperwork is scanned and shredded once we are finished with them.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the website or 'Frequently Asked Questions' page, please contact me and I will be happy to help.

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